Jan 05,2016 Oct 15,2018

Server Requirement

What are the server requirements to configuring NLance?

Please note that the below settings are recommended for the NLance – freelance script to run without any issues. Almost hosting offering companies should be able to offer you a plan with these requirements by default. Hosting companies using cPanel are recommended! Instead, you can host your site with us in order to avoid dealing with multiple vendors and have us as your one-stop-solution. Check out our affordable Linux hosting plans.

What your website host needs to have:

  • Linux Server with CentOS or any other compatible operating system
  • MySQL InnoDB Database Engine
  • Mysqli PHP extension
  • Apache or NGINX Web Server
  • PHP 5.5+ with multibyte string, ZIP archive support
  • PDO sqlite, MySQL, mysqli
  • MySQL version 5.5 or above (5.6 recommended for full text search)
  • Zend Guard Loader with PHP 5.5 support (required for all license types)
  • GD2 Library or higher
  • EXIF PHP extension (responsible for image processing, including on Mobile)
  • Apache mod_rewrite enabled
  • Enabled PHP5 – curl SSL
  • Enabled Zlib extension
  • Register Globals OFF
  • Enabled PHP functions – fopen, fclose, fwrite
  • Minimum memory limit of 512MB for smooth operation

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