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How to Start a Business with Online Marketplace Script?

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As everyone knows online marketplaces are becoming the most trending topic, especially for the startups. There will be a lot of questions coming to your mind like why they are so popular? Or why to have a build a startup with this online marketplace script model? Everyone loves widgets right and can’t get enough of them and thus some may decide to start a business selling widgets. Start selling such products with the help of online marketplace script will lead your startup and that what online marketplace is all about. Here will discuss the two such online marketplace scripts i.e TaskRabbit clone and Airtasker clone.


TaskRabbit & TaskRabbit Clone

TaskRabbit can be defined online marketplace, this firm acts as an intermediate between the freelance labour and consumers for immediate help with everyday tasks which includes cleaning, delivery, moving and handyman works. It was founded in 2008 where they received $37.7 million in funding to date which currently has tens of thousands of vetted. You can start your own TaskRabbit clone as per your requirements. Here you can even add the features which you require.

TaskRabbit clone can be termed as a real world job provider. Clients can post service or tasks on the site along with the amount they wish to pay to the freelancer. After a freelancer makes a bid for the task, then an admin can check their precertified works, reviews, background and the most important thing that whether they have accomplishes the task on or before the deadline or not. And then in the TaskRabbit clone, the rights will be transferred to the users to select the best bidding among the submitted for their personal project.


Airtasker & Airtasker Clone

Airtasker can be termed as an online marketplace, an Australian company located in Sydney, which enables users to outsource everyday tasks. It is a website similar to TaskRabbit, here users describe the task and also indicate the budget, where the different community members bid to complete the task. Aistasker was co-founded in 2012 by Tim Fung and Jonathan Lui who raised AUD and 3.5 million to date.


In Airtasker clone, you can ask for any number of customized pages and features as per your niches. To attract more and more customers to your Airtasker clone, you need an attractive design and engaging model. And it really becomes tough when you need to handle a larger volume of transaction. So these can be made easier with the help of the Airtasker clone and also it is a unique industry.

These online marketplace script trends suggest that startups with this will be most successful and will effectively connect more and more customers through apps and websites. And so having a startup with such online marketplace scripts like TaskRabbit clone and Airtasker will hail your startup.

With this disruptive way of sharing, NCrypted Website’s TaskGator is a peer to peer online marketplace script which enables you to start your own website which is similar to TaskRabbit or Airtasker. TaskGator is designed in a way that lets people connect with other community in the neighbourhood to get their task completed easily. With the TaskGator, the users who want to get their task or job done can post their job and further the bidding process will go on where the one which is most suitable will be selected by the user. The tasker can accept or cancel as per his/her availability and convenience. Once the task is being completed by the tasker, the payment process will be handled online securely.


NCrypted Websites have a team of professional developers who develop a Website Clone from scratch and provides you with 24/7 support. Yet need more information contact NCrypted Websites.



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