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How to find great projects from freelance marketplace script websites?

Freelance Marketplace Script

Freelance Marketplace has revolutionized Job Portal Industry and day by day work is being outsourced instead of doing by themselves, as due to increase popularity of freelance marketplace site Elance, Odesk, Freelancer and Guru are some popular websites from where you can find outsourcing work to be done.

No matter what work you know, you can get almost every kind of work using this website and has proved to be one of the best source for work as well as income from outsourcing work. Initially you might face difficulty, but once you create strong portfolio it becomes smooth and stable platform. This can be done finding great projects on Elance Clone. Here I have explained how it can be done,

Ways to find project from Freelance Script

Email Alerts – Create and Email Alerts for the category of projects you are interests, which keeps you up to-date every day so that good opportunity is not missed due to lack of information. Alerts can be used as remainder which reminds you to submit, update or withdraw proposal. You need not have to login to outsourcing website, instead you will directly find it into you inbox which ultimately saves your time of checking such websites.

Profile Creation – Profile plays vital role in getting quick projects from Freelance Script. Be accurate in profile creation and keep needed samples in your portfolio so that project owner get to know how your work is and trust can be created. The major advantage of creating strong profile is to create impression which encourages project posters to invite you and it also helps you in creating long term relationship with freelancer.

Work Repetition – Another sign of trust being created is repeated work assignment from single project owner. Once you are strong with you profile and you get your first project, you need to provide huge satisfaction to client and that too before timeline in order to build 100% trust in you. Work Repetition will only work if project poster trust have trust on you and your work and ultimately it will come from your work, time and proper communication provided.

Proper Scheduling – You must make proper schedule for bidding as well as project searching for your criteria every day. You need to find projects for your category and bid with proper quotation, visiting regular creates good impression which can increase chances for project allocation. So don’t fail to allocate compulsory hours and bid on the projects that suit you the most.

Setting Budget Amount – Freelance Marketplace websites like Elance Clone provides you to set budget amount in which you can specify amount you wish to get paid hourly. Fill budget amount wisely and worth, so that project poster can think to allot project to you, don’t just write random figures. And when you are new and proposal you are sending for new and fresh project be careful in quoting the same. Analyze the project, create statement of work with estimated delivery time and all should be mentioned in project proposal which makes easy to understand for clients and is being convinced.

Skill Test – Every Freelance Marketplace Script has an option of skill test and creates your profile strong enough in the criteria you specify. You just need to clear test of that particular category, which makes you profile strong and trustworthy to acquire projects from project posters. Skill test is first impression as you can’t show your work efficiency until you are assigned with project. So clear as many skill test as possible and make your freelancer profile strong.

You can even start your own Freelance Script Website like Elance Clone, Freelancer Clone, vWorker Clone, Guru Clone, TaskRabbit Clone, PeoplePerHour Clone  using job portal clone websites which can be customized as per your creative ideas and in order to serve project owner and freelancer with outsourcing work and can generate huge revenue from it.

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