Dec 30,2015 Feb 01,2016


1) What is Freelance Script?

It is a readymade PHP based script which through you can develop your own personalized freelance portal and start online business with it.

2) What are the success trends of Freelance Script?

Many entrepreneurs has started business with launching their own freelance portal like Elance Clone, Freelancer Clone or other popular freelance website clone and generating huge revenue from vast freelance marketplace. So demand are already on web you just need to provide platform to people.

3) How does Freelance Script work?

It helps you to develop successful online freelance business platform which through you can launch unique freelance portal easily and faster.

4) Why should you use NLance to develop your own freelance portal?

NLance enriched with all core features of popular freelancing websites and also contains other custom made features and specialized functionalities so it has power to build unique freelance portal.

5) Why do you need NLance to develop worthy freelance portal?

NLance offers multi revenue models so it expands the way to easily generate good revenue.

6) Why startups should go with Freelance Script of NCrypted?

Demand of outsourcing marketplace are on top notch on web so now you only need to increase supply by launching your freelance portal.

7) What are the industry/business verticals of Freelance Script?

By using NLance you can develop any types of niche outsourcing portal like TaskRabbit. You just need to add some customizations only in NLance to develop your choice of outsourcing marketplace.

8) What are the revenue models/modules of Freelance Script?

Freelance Script implements Commission based model, where the administrator charges commission whenever the user deposits and withdraws the money from their wallet. Moreover, he also charges commission for escrow management.

9) What is the user flow of NLance?

In order to avail the services of NLance, the service providers and the customers’ needs to pay the membership fee accordingly.

10) What are the important tips for launching your own freelance portal?

NLance, the ready to go freelance script lets you launch your own freelancing website. The framework is also flexible to let you customize it according to your business verticals.

11) Why are investors pouring in millions on Freelance Script?

With the trend of getting the work outsourced through professionals, the need for such platform, where those freelancers can highlight their profile and explore more job opportunities is more in demand. And, to accomplish this, the investors are pouring millions on such freelance script.

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