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Choose multi revenue option offering freelance script NLance from NCrypted

Many times economic slowdown has hit many countries at that time almost people are searching for good source which through they can earn enough money to satisfy their needs and wants. This type of situation raised any part of the world or may be it spread globally. Different unemployed individuals and employed professionals are converting into freelance marketplace websites like Elance and Freelancer. If you are looking to develop your own online business then freelance industry is the right opportunity to launch your own freelance portal. There are different freelance clone are available on web with readymade script solution.

If you are discovering reliable freelance script which helps you to construct you dream freelance portal then NLance is the one stop solution for you. It has the esteem capability to develop your choice of freelance portal in short period of time. So only choose NLance to customize your own freelance marketplace. Now on web it is the best reverse auction script which perfectly matches the needs of successful freelance industry. It is most powerful Freelance Script because it develops after analyzing features of most popular freelancing websites such as Elance, Freelancer, ODesk, PeoplePerHour and Guru. It also contains other custom features and high end functionalities which make your freelance portal differ from other existing freelance websites.

NLance – Freelance Script of NCrypted offers number of revenue options

As a webmaster, you can gain huge money through immense revenue generation features like,

Project Listing Fee

Whenever business owners need to submit their projects on your freelance portal they need to pay a small amount of money as fee to you.

Featured Project Listing Fee

Employers can list out their projects under the features listing to get more visibility among the freelancers. By submitting projects on featured project listing category admin can highlight projects of those business owners.

Job Listing Fee

Whenever business owners list requirements for a job on your freelance portal they need to pay fee to you.

Commission of Employer

When project owner can discover the right freelancer which is able to give quality work then commission fee collected from project owners.

Commission of Freelancer

When any freelancer can selected by the project owner to accomplish their project task at that time commission fee charged to freelancer.

Advertisement Captcha Solve Media

When the users register on your freelance portal they need to type the captcha which displayed on the screen. You can also generate revenue out of it.

Advertisement Banners

When any third party website want to post their products and services advertisement on your freelance portal, they have to pay you a decided amount of money.

Around the world more than 45 million of freelancers are changing the trend of working system by choosing as independent employees. You can select this opportunity to build a comprehensible freelancing marketplace by using NCrypted’s NLance – Freelancer Clone.

Apply for quotation to NCrypted for readymade Freelance Script – NLance or choose other popular freelance clone like Elance Clone, vWorker Clone, Freelancer Clone, Guru Clone, PeoplePerHour Clone and TaskRabbit Clone as well as selecting readymade script of each freelance clone.

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